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It is thought that the Dutch name Speculaas comes from the latin 'speculum' that means mirror.


Traditionally speculaas biscuits are the mirror image of the carved wooden moulds they are baked in.


Windmill shaped speculaas biscuits are known throughout the whole world, as are male or female speculaas figurines.


These days speculaas biscuits can take any shape or form. But you can do so much more with speculaas spice than just making biscuits.


Find out more about the delicious recipes you can make using vandotsch speculaas spice mix.

Speculaas dough figures

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vandotsch speculaas chocolate fudge


vandotsch Speculaas Chocolate Recipes




How to make vandotsch speculaas chocolate fudge

Other Speculaas chocolate Recipes:

Speculaas and chocolate fudge on white plate
speculaas chocolate fudge
Pack of speculaas chocolate fudge
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Fudge is a popular type of confectionery in the USA and the United Kingdom. Originally, fudge is made by mixing sugar, butter and milk (in the UK: clotted cream), heating it and than allow it to cool so that it acquires a smooth, creamy consistency. Fruits, nuts, caramel, candies, and other flavors are sometimes added either inside or on top.


Early November 2016 I decided to start experimenting on how to make fudge. Having succeeded in making 'simple' fudge I than started to add my favourite ingredients:


- vandotsch speculaas spice

- vandotsch speculaas spice infused biscuits

- white chocolate

- milk chocolate


What follows is an overview of the ingredients I used to make vandotsch speculaas  chocolate fudge, including:


Makes approximately 25 - 30 pieces




- 175g milk chocolate

- 175g white chocolate

- 1 x 397g condensed milk

- 30g butter

- 1/4 tsp salt

- 3 tsp vandotsch speculaas spice mix

- 250g vandotsch speculaas biscuits




- Line a brownie pan or square tray with baking paper and grease lightly

- Break up the white chocolate and place in a bowl. Do the same with the milk chocolate in another bowl

- Break up the the speculaas biscuits in small bits. Divide equally the salt, butter, speculaas spice and condensed milk over the two bowls

- Melt the 'speculaas-milk-chocolate' mixture ‘bain au marie’. Stir well until well combined. Pour the mixture into the tray, smoothing the top with a wet palette knife

- Do exactly the same with the speculaas-white-chocolate mixture

- Let the fudge cool, then refrigerate until set

- Cut into pieces approximately 3cm x 2cm.

- Once cut, the speculaas chocolate fudge can be kept in the freezer


2016 - Christmas markets


For the pre-Christmas 2016 period I made several slabs of speculaas chocolate fudge.

I cut them in pieces, wrapped them in fat-free food grade paper (the same I use for vandotsch speculaas caramels) and sold them in packs of 125g at several Christmas


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